Network Your Way to Success!

 From: Nancy Roebke
Executive Director, ProfNet, Inc
December 4,1998


You've probably heard the term networking tossed around a lot. It means different things to different people, but they all have one thing in common.

It's a powerful way for you to get things done. Grow your business. Meet new people. Get answers to your problems.

It's a way to get more of what you want from life.

Some people will make the process sound mysterious, or tell you it's some sort of special talent. It's not. Networking is a skill, and you can learn it.

What do you get from learning to network?

  • You'll save money on advertising, since you'll get more business from referrals.

  • You'll get more leads, and close deals faster.

  • You'll develop an "In" with people that can help you get to the profitable "hard to reach" clients.

  • You'll develop strong and long lasting business relationships, quickly and effectively.

  • You'll build a network of loyal contacts, who will look for ways to send you new business.

  • You'll hear about profitable opportunities before they become common knowledge. (That's an unbeatable edge!)

I've put the basic tools and techniques learned from 15 years in professional networking into a 16 page booklet, that you can use yourself or give your staff. This will teach them, step by step, how to use networking as a powerful and profitable marketing tool.

For a single copy, send $6 and an SASE (.55 postage) to:

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Don't put this off. Get started building your network today. You'll be amazed at the doors that networking will open for you, and how easy it is to learn!


Nancy Roebke,
Executive Director, ProfNet, Inc

PS: Along with your order, I'll send you a copy of my report "10 Secrets to Getting More Referrals" as a Free Bonus. This is a great jump start for your networking activities!

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