We're always looking for new members. So if you're interested in joining a dynamic group to help grow your business, check us out by coming as our guest to a future meeting. And should you decide to join, the membership process is relatively quick and painless.

  1. Complete a membership application.
  2. Submit to an interview by the Inspection Officer.
  3. Existing members will vote on your membership*.
  4. If approved, remit payment for your membership fee ($250 for the first year, $150 each year thereafter).
  5. Reduce your annual membership fee by $50.00 by soliciting new membership/

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our Membership Officer  Ron Lugten (or 616.392.3237) today!

* Please note that if your field of business is already represented by an existing member of our chapter, your membership will not be approved.