Why ProfNet?

You finally got tired of spending more time on doing Cold Call Sales than on making money. You've decided you want the extra business and connections available through professional networking.

Now you have to choose an organization. Obviously, we'd like you to select ProfNet. We feel we're the best choice in the business.

Here are some of the reasons so many of our members think so:

    • No vague promises and maybes. We GUARANTEE members new business ! You'll spend your time making money, instead of sales calls.

    • Our Mentor program provides training from experienced chapter members, so that newer members can get the most benefit from their use of the resources of the chapter. Why waste time on wondering if you're doing it right ? We coach you along to make sure of it.

      You will always have someone who is there to hear the things you need help with. Someone who has been there themselves, and will understand your situation.

    • A solid and proven emphasis on teaching members the real skills of networking. These skills can be used in both your professional and personal life for better results in all your relationships.

      We'll show you how to get leads for the group. The same way we showed them how to get leads for you ! And we'll show you how to explain your business so that you receive exactly the kinds of business you are looking for.

    • Information available to all members on setting up a chapter library for training and personal development.
    • Free web pages, and instruction in learning to run an online business for all members.
    • The ability to renew at No Charge ... year after year.
    • Programs to make sure that the benefits to each member are tracked carefully so that no one is ignored or lost in the shuffle. This is one of the reasons we can guarantee you new business.
    • The Charter Membership Program for early members in a chapter can save you significantly on your membership.
    • Solid, experienced support from the Corporate Office helps you to get started right, get more benefit from your chapter quickly, and avoid the hassles of wondering "What next ?" You have a plan, a schedule, and help in getting it done.
    • Scheduled visits by members at your place of business to ensure that they know as much useful information to help you as possible. You don't have to wonder if they know. You can show them !
    • Proper setup for chapter Boards of Directors to keep the chapters in line with the important legal requirements.
    • Board of Directors training program, to make sure each board member is up to speed on the requirements for legal compliance and best results for the group.
    • With 35 chapters currently in operation and more forming all the time, you have a wide network, even if you should decide to move your business to another city or state.

Having a ProfNet Chapter behind you is like having a full time team of the very best salespeople in the world. They know your reputation and integrity, and they can say to their business acquaintances and friends that you're :

"Highly Recommended !"

For information on a ProfNet chapter near you, or starting one of your own, contact Nancy Roebke here for more details.

ProfNet and You
Partners for Long Term Success

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