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Qualified leads are the lifeblood of any business, and networking is the single best source of those leads. This information can help you to develop the skills necessary to get a regular stream of referrals. And that can make all the difference.

Welcome to the ProfNet networking tutorials section. If you have an active interest in building your business through networking with other businesspeople, and would like to learn the ropes, these tutorials are an excellent place to start.

In these reports, the word networking is used frequently. This refers to the process of building contacts to gain referrals for your business, and does not refer to network marketing or MLM.

If you would prefer to have a report emailed to you, just use the EMAIL IT! link next to the file you'd like to receive. Each file will have the full listing of these reports, so you can be sure to get the full benefit from the tutorials regardless of whe n you want to read them.

EMAIL IT! ->A 10 page report outlining the "How To" of networking, from the casual personal referral to professional networking groups. Includes tips on building a personal network, and planning for contacts. A must for those interested in learning the art and science of networking as a way to build income.

EMAIL IT! -> Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers, on personal networking. Shows you the potential for increased income available through increasing your contacts, and your referrals.

EMAIL IT! -> Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers, on professional networking groups. One of the most cost efficient form of "advertising" going.

EMAIL IT! -> 10 Secrets to Getting More Referrals. How to get more people to send business to you, and make sure they're glad to do it !

EMAIL IT! -> Advantages of Professional Networking Groups. Lower costs, higher profits, and less bad debts. 15 major advantages you can put to work for your business.

EMAIL IT! -> Why Join a Professional Networking Group? Some of the most powerful reasons are less than obvious. A quick addition to the "Advantages" file.

EMAIL IT! -> Should You Join As A Member, Or Start A Chapter?
Each option offers you strong potential for growing your business. This gives you an idea of the best way to go for YOU. Also includes a "Quiz" to help you figure out which you are personally going to gain the most from.

EMAIL IT! -> Choosing A Professional Networking Group. Some things you should look for, and watch out for, when choosing a professional group to work with.

EMAIL IT! -> Starting As A Member. The things you need to do and to know to get started on the right foot as a new member in a professional group. Eliminates the uncertainty of ente ring a new group for the first time.

EMAIL IT! -> Responsibilities of Membership. A clear and short explanation of what you'll need to be ready for as a new member of a professional group, and a list the ongoing expectati ons of most groups.

EMAIL IT! -> Starting A Chapter. You've decided to start a chapter of your own? Here's what you need to know. Step by step, and ready to go.

EMAIL IT! -> Responsibilities Of Running A Chapter. Running a chapter can bring you a lot of rewards, and it also invoves certain responsibilities. They're light, but you should know what you'll need to do before getting into the process. Here's the list.

EMAIL IT! -> Why ProfNet? Looking for a way to increase your business, and considering professional networking groups? We feel that ProfNet is the best choice in the industry. Here's why.

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