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There are four basic personality types that business professionals encounter. Each one needs to be dealt with differently. To see which type you are, take the following test. The questions from 1-20 indicate your strengths, and from 21-40 your weaknesses.

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1. Adventurous Adaptable Animated Analytical

2. Persistent Playful Persuasive Peaceful

3. Submissive Self-sacrificing Sociable Strong-willed

4. Considerate Controlled Competitive Convincing

5. Refreshing Respectful Reserved Resourceful

6. Satisfied Sensitive Self-reliant Spirited

7. Planner Patient Positive Promoter

8. Sure Spontaneous Scheduled Shy

9. Orderly Obliging Outspoken Optimistic

10. Friendly Faithful Funny Forceful

11. Daring Delightful Diplomatic Detailed

12. Cheerful Consistent Cultured Confident

13. Idealistic Independent Inoffensive Inspiring

14. Demonstrative Decisive Dry humor Deep

15. Mediator Musical Mover Mixes easily

16. Thoughtful Tenacious Talker Tolerant

17. Listener Loyal Leader Lively

18. Contented Chief Chartmaker Cute

19. Perfectionist Pleasant Productive Popular

20. Bouncy Bold Behaved Balanced

21. Blank Bashful Brassy Bossy

22. Undisciplined Unsympathetic Unenthusiastic Unforgiving

23. Reticent Resentful Resistant Repetitious

24. Fussy Fearful Forgetful Frank

25. Impatient Insecure Indecisive Interrupts

26. Unpopular Uninvolved Unpredictable Unaffectionate

27. Headstrong Haphazard Hard to please Hesitant

28. Plain Pessimistic Proud Permissive

29. Angered easily Aimless Argumentative Alienated

30. Naive Negative attitude Nervy Nonchalant

31. Worrier Withdrawn Workaholic Wants credit

32. Too sensitive Tactless Timid Talkative

33. Doubtful Disorganized Domineering Depressed

34. Inconsistent Introvert Intolerant Indifferent

35. Messy Moody Mumbles Manipulative

36. Slow Stubborn Show-off Skeptical

37. Loner Lord over others Lazy Loud

38. Sluggish Suspicious Short-tempered Scatterbrained

39. Revengeful Restless Reluctant Rash

40. Compromising Critical Crafty Changeable

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