Chapter Benefits

  1. Chapters have a Corporate Representative responsible for marketing of the Chapter. This person works with the media, the Chamber, and the local business community on behalf of the Chapter.
  2. Chapters receive all necessary supplies to run their affairs except stamps if needed. This includes Membership Manuals, Marketing Materials, Regulatory Codes and Guidelines to follow. Chapters also receive extensive training on how to network more effectively.
  3. Chapters are set up as Non-Profit CORPORATIONS to ensure they conform with all tax requirements for groups like this.
  4. Chapters are structured so that the businesses who participate have protection if they serve on the Board of Directors and make a decision that someone in the Chapter doesn't like.
  5. Part of the membership dues are put in the Chapter's Treasury to spend on promotions the Chapter feels would most benefit its members.
  6. There are many Profnet Chapters so a new Chapter can have a Sister Chapter that acts as a mentor.

There are currently Chapters operating in New York, Michigan, and Florida. You can pay a visit to the site of Profnet of Holland, Michigan.

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