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Executive Director

Profnet, Inc.

Profnet, Inc. is a Erie, Pennsylvania-based Corporation specializing in teaching business professionals how to generate more revenue for their firms. We do this by setting up Profnet Chapters all over the US and abroad. These Chapters only allow one professional from each field as members, so you will find one banker, one lawyer, one printer, one travel agent, etc. in each Chapter. The only purpose of the Chapters is to find out more information about each business and find more business for each member.

This is done in a very structured business meeting. These can be breakfast, lunch or after-hours Chapters. Almost all Profnet Chapters are breakfast meetings. The meetings last for one hour and fifteen minutes and happen weekly on the same day and time, and at the same place.

There is an agenda that all Chapters follow so members know exactly what will be done at each Chapter meeting. This is especially important because members often refer other business associates to Chapters and are assured that the same things that go on in their own Chapter will happen in the Chapter they have referred to.

The structure is designed to ensure that each member does get more business from the Chapter. There are various programs in place to do the two most important things for Chapter business success- build strong business relationships and make more money. These programs are covered more in training for our Meeting Managers and in an Orientation Meeting for a new Chapter.

The Chapters are started by Meeting Managers, who are usually also Chapter members. They are set up as non-profit Corporations. A Board of Directors is selected from the membership to run the Chapter affairs. This Board has a set of Regulatory Codes that help them make decisions for the Chapter. They also have constant support from Corporate in the form of supplies, advice and much-needed experience.

I am the Executive Director of Profnet and am responsible for all domestic and foreign development. Between myself and my staff, we bring fifteen years of Professional Networking experience to our Chapters. We believe that the most important thing that must be stressed is the building of strong business relationships. We do this through our programs, through teaching networking techniques, and through constant support.

At this time, we are looking to expand to other cities in the USA and abroad. For more details or to ask questions, please email


A MEETING MANAGER should be a person who has experience in sales, making presentations, leading groups, and interacting with the community. A general knowledge of business, marketing and networking would be advantageous. CORPORATE is responsible to the MEETING MANAGER for:
  • Training
  • Providing the MEETING MANAGER with operating manuals to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Initial cost of marketing for a new chapter.
  • Initial cost of meetings.
  • Providing all of the supplies.
The MEETING MANAGER is responsible for:
  • Providing Profnet Corporate with an up-to-date mailing list of potential Chapter members.
  • Starting and maintaining a Profnet Chapter as a member, under the direction of Corporate and the Corporate Guidelines in the Operations Manual.
  • Maintaining Chapter supplies.
  • Reviewing Chapter monthly reports and providing specific reports to Corporate.
  • Handling new member applications and other Chapter affairs.
  • Choosing a Board.
  • Putting the Board in place.
  • Conducting the first Board meeting.
Other opportunities that will assist the MEETING MANAGER in being successful:
  • Attending business functions such as Chamber events, trade shows, workshops, etc. Contact Corporate with information of these events beforehand.
  • Creating media opportunities such as appearances on radio and TV shows.
  • Teaching effective networking techniques.

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