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United States Copyright Law


This SpectraLinks is a collection of Web site about Copyrights. Copyright is the exclusive legal right to make copies of intellectual property: book, music, poetry, pictures, drawings, etc.

+ Chapt. 1. Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright

+ Chapt. 2. Copyright Ownership and Transfer

+ Chapt. 3. Duration of Copyright

+ Chapt. 4. Copyright Notice, Deposit, and Registration

+ Chapt. 5. Copyright Infringement and Remedies

+ Chapt. 6. Manufacturing Requirement

+ Chapt. 7. Copyright Office

+ Chapt. 8. Copyright Royalty Tribunal

+ Chapt. 9. Protection of semiconductor chip products

+ Chapt. 10. Digital Audio Recording Devices and Media

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*Words Have a Price

*Fair Use: Staying on the Right Side of the Copyright Law

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