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While a new Chapter is forming, the first twelve members will be considered the Charter Members. Their membership fee will be at a reduced rate. This is on a first come basis. If a membership application is submitted without a check (or waiting for a company to cut a check) and a paid application for the 10th position is accepted, the initial application will not be discounted, without Corporate approval. Corporate's representatives can make a decision to allow more than twelve, if special circumstances occur.


A company may own a membership in more than one Chapter, by cutting a Company check. However, each membership must be represented by a different individual. In other words, that individual must only belong to one Chapter. If the member leaves the Company, the Company maintains the membership and must replace that member within two weeks. If the Company wishes to relinquish their membership, which is in good standing, a letter will have to be filed with Corporate. If the Company is sold, a letter of documentation must be submitted to Corporate.


An individual can own a membership by following the Membership Steps. He/She cannot own a membership in more than one Chapter or be a member of another networking organization. This does not include memberships in Chambers of Commerce, Service Clubs, Boards of Trade and Fraternal Organizations.


A company or an individual may have one alternate to send to meetings in their place. The member must submit to Corporate an application stating who that person will be and a $15.00 processing fee for a name badge, business binder and a lapel pin. An alternate is responsible for following the rules and regulation, paying the fines and meeting costs just like the member, but they cannot be an officer or a Board member. An Alternate cannot represent a member more than two times a quarter, unless the Board approves special circumstances, with Corporate notification. Majority vote of the Board with a quorum present is required.


A member may transfer from one Chapter to another by filling out the proper Corporate paperwork, paying a transfer fee of $30.00, receiving an approval vote from the new Chapter and signatures from both Chapter Presidents. The new Chapter is required to contact the old Chapter for status reports on the member before voting. If one or the other Chapter will not cooperate, a Corporate Representative will mediate.


In the event a member leaves the Chapter but wishes to send a permanent replacement, the replacement member would be required to go through an inspection and a vote. Should the replacement member not be voted in, the Company holding the membership needs to be notified by the Chapter of the reason for the vote, if known. The Company has two weeks to send another representative who can be inspected and voted on after an initial visit.

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