This site won the 'Press Release Network Award of Excellence' for contributing to the growth of the internet community on the web. It was presented on December 25, 1998 by the Editor of The Press Release Network, Sharad Agarwal.

One of the best sources of exposure for your product or service is a Press Release. Press releases are announcements about specific business topics that are of interest for their informational value to the readers of the publication.They are not advertisements- those are paid for.

For help writing a press release, consider the services of Profnet, Inc. Releases for our clients appear in national publications, and result in news stories, more clients and increased revenue for them. Get an individual proposal by contacting Nancy Roebke, at 'Send'. We understand, and follow, important rules for writing press releases. Once it's written, we check it against the pet peeves of the press to ensure it has a greater chance of being printed.

After your press release is written, of course you need a way to distribute it. The Internet has made that job a lot easier and faster. Profnet, Inc., is available to do that for you- to thousands of online AND offline media sources. An extensive compilation of media sources from every state in the United States for radio, television, newspaper, and magazine contacts can be obtained from

This is by far the most comprehensive list I have seen. You can make mailing labels from the disks that are supplied and streamline your mailings.

Should you decide you would like to have another professional service write and submit your press release, GAP Enterprises, Ltd. can professionally handle that for you. They now have 7,600+ contacts in 37 countries!

Internet News Bureau

Another source- Press Release Network

NewsLink is the American Journalism Review's comprehensive listing of worldwide news media. You can select the types of media you want to reach, go to their sites, and decide whether it would be appropriate to send them your press release.

You'll find links to online publications at the Electronic Newsstand. Most of these sites have instructions for submitting press releases.

Communication technologies are fostering new approaches to public relationsand marketing.Adrian & Peterson Incorporated employs new tools provided by thesetechnologies to develop and implement innovative communication programs.

The 35weekly business newspapers published by American City Business Journals boasts a readership of 1.5 million, predominately owners andoperators of entrepreneurial businesses who find our news and informationinvaluable. We hope you'll visit often.

For press releases that relate to the computer industry, ComputerMagazines - Top100 Computer Magazines are the place to post those releases.

And to contact two major newspapers, visit:
Welcome to Washington
StarTribune Online

For sites devoted to various types of public relations, you can visit the following:

Your Internet site can have it all with Quality, Creativity, Affordability ... if you know the right people. Now you know the right people!!

The Something forNothing Journal - June, 1996 Edition.If You Build it They Will Come........NOT! The WWW is not a field of dreams and you aredreaming if you think web surfers will flock to your website just because it's on the WWW.YOU MUST PROMOTE YOUR WEB SITE. Here are a few FREE ways to do so.

For more resources of public relations firms, contact Public Relations OnlineResources and Organizations.

With the popularity of email, comes the option of submitting press releases by email. Press Associations listed on the Internet provide access to media in specific areas.Here's a list of email addresses you may find helpful for those associations:

Massachusetts Newspaper Publishers Assn
New England Press Assn
New Jersey Press Assn
New York Newspaper Publishers Assn
Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Assn
National Newspaper Assn
West Virginia Press Assn
North Carolina Press Assn
South Carolina Press Assn
Georgia Press Assn
Southern Newspaper Publishers Assn
Alabama Press Assn
Tennessee Press Assn
Mississippi Press Assn
Kentucky Press Assn
Iowa Newspaper Assn
Wisconsin Newspaper Assn
Minnesota Newspaper Assn
Inland Press Assn
Illinois Press Assn
Kansas Press Assn
Nebraska Press Assn
Louisiana Press Assn
Arkansas Press Assn
Southwestern College
Arizona Newspapers Assn
California Newspaper Publishers Assn
Oregon Newpaper Publishers Assn
Washington Newspaper Publishers Assn
Oklahoma Press Association
Pacific NW Newspaper Assn
Ontario Community Newspapers Assn

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